How to acquire Charisma: A method used by Adolf Hitler

  1. When interacting with people never break eye contact: This continuous eye contact creates a feeling of intimidation and will result in the person feeling comparably weaker and more passive. This technique is most effective if you have an unnaturally potent colouring in your eye, as Hitler did, this works to hold the interest of the person your talking to.
  2. Always maintain an appropriate dress code: never let yourself appear in public in clothes that are not be-fitting the station you wish to acquire. How do you expect to gain followers and respect if you don’t present a respectable image?
  3. Mask any and all physical weaknesses you may have: wear glasses? Not in public you don’t. Imperfections are a sign of weakness and in order to achieve greatness you must appear invincible and flawless. Unbeknown to the general German public during the 1940s Hitler actually needed to wear reading glasses, but he refused to wear them in public even if it meant he couldn’t read
  4. The art of speech making: prior to giving speeches you must ensure that you have put in adequate practice and have determined the best place and time of day for such a speech to be delivered. It should be noted that morning speeches are less impactful than evening ones. Hitler spent much time in his youth practicing speeches in beer halls; this allowed him to experiment with different combinations and techniques.
  5. Practice, Practice, Practice! Contrary to popular belief charisma is not a natural trait people are born with, it comes through dedication and careful refinement.


Disclaimer: It is best not to follow the actual policies of Adolf Hitler. Unless being an extremist with a warped sense of reality, disastrous prejudices and a reputation of being the most evil man in history is your bag [you do you]. Also I am in no way condoning the policies of Adolf Hitler, however he is an interesting subject of historical research993298_10200542684821856_332783054_n.jpg copy

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